Video Editing Activity Guide

Walking Tour of Bournemouth

Fancy yourself as the next big producer? Learn how to edit a video in iMovie and/or Windows Live Movie Maker with the Digital Families Video Editing activity guide. This activity follows on from the Family Vlogging guide, and allows you to get to grips with slightly more advanced tools and options offered within the programs.

While creating the activity guide, we produced our own video – a Walking Tour of Bournemouth (which is where the programme was founded). It takes the viewer on a journey around the town centre, walking through Lower Gardens, and taking in sights such as the Pier, Bournemouth’s famous beach and the Town Hall. You may like to produce a similar video of your hometown, or do something entirely different – it’s up to you!

If you’re on a Windows computer, download the Video Editing WLMM Maker activity guide.

If you’re on an Apple computer, download the Video Editing iMovie activity guide.

Once you’ve produced your video, if you choose to upload it to Youtube, make sure you share the link on Twitter with us @digitallyfamily and use the hashtag #digitalfamilies


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