Family Vlogging Activity Guide

My First Vlog

If you’re an avid watcher of PointlessBlog or Zoella, or maybe have absolutely no idea what vlogging is (if so, read our What is Vlogging? feature), this could be the activity for you and your family!

We’ve put together a Family Vlogging activity guide, taking you through the motions of producing your own vlog from what equipment you need, what you should film, and crucially, simple steps on how to edit your footage in Windows Live Movie Maker or iMovie. In the process of creating the guide, Digital Families member Hannah put one together herself, while on a day out into Bournemouth town centre. To watch the vlog and see just how easy it is to make one yourself by following our guide, visit the Digital Families Youtube channel.

If you’re on a Windows computer, download the Family Vlogging WLMM activity guide.

If you’re on an Apple computer, download the Family Vlogging iMovie activity guide.

Once you’ve produced your video, if you choose to upload it to Youtube, make sure you share the link on Twitter with us @digitallyfamily and use the hashtag #digitalfamilies


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